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Microsoft has published the schedule for the MIX10 sessions. I have a sweet spot, and I dearly hope that it stays this way (Last year I had a great spot, but it was changed last minute and then I had a much better one, “competing” against Vertigo and their Playboy app… yeah try to explain to a bunch of geeks that MVVM is better than Playboy… good luck with that ;) Anyway, this year my sweet spot is on the very first day of the conference (there are workshops on Sunday, but this qualifies as pre-conference), Monday after the keynote which should get everyone pumped and excited.

Schedule and location

I would be really happy to meet y’all at

See you in Vegas (or in video…)

Everything I saw so far hints that this should be a very, very exciting edition of MIX, maybe the most electrifying ever. The great news is that everything will be available even if you cannot make it: The keynotes are typically streamed live, and if you remember last year’s experience at PDC, it is a really good alternative. Built with Silverlight, the feed uses smooth streaming (adjusting the quality according to your bandwidth automatically), possibility to pause and rewind if you miss something, and a great picture quality. As for the sessions, the message at MIX is that the videos will be available online approximately 24 hours after the session is being held. This is a great feat!

So, see you in Vegas (or in video)!



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