Talking in Las Vegas: MIX2010 and MVVM

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Update: The session is officially on. See the MIX10 website.

MIX10: Speaker

This morning, very early (or very late depending how you see it), I learned that one of the sessions I submitted to the MIX 2010 open call for speakers had been picked by the public. Out of 169 sessions, only 12 were picked, so you imagine my feelings right now. Honestly, I am sure that this will be a good session, but it could have gone either way, and I had prepared myself mentally for the alternative possibility too.

Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel pattern

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern (also called MVVM) is a hot topic in today’s Silverlight and WPF world. This pattern facilitates modern development techniques such as separation of concerns (decoupling), unit testing and test driven development, work with modern tools such as Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend and more.

In this session, Laurent (a user and promoter of MVVM since 2006) will introduce this pattern to you with many demos. We will talk about the basic components of a modern Silverlight or WPF application, and of additional helpers that will make your life as a developer much easier.


Interestingly, 3 of the 12 open call sessions picked by the audience have “MVVM” in the title. Rob Eisenberg’s “Build Your Own MVVM Framework” and Shawn Wildermuth’s “RIA Services and MVVM: It Can Happen!”, in addition to mine, should cover the topic in depth. After thinking about it, I decided I will contact Rob and Shawn to talk to them about their session, and try to avoid overlap.

On my end, I will probably shift the focus a little more on what MVVM brings you from a designer (well, integrator)’s point of view, and how you can leverage this pattern to create beautiful applications. I will also, of course, talk about the MVVM Light Toolkit, the open source toolkit I have been developing since last year, and which encounters a great success.

Send me your suggestions

I would love to hear if you have topics you would like to hear about during the session. I have a pretty good idea of what I will talk about, but let me know what is really important for you. What aspects of MVVM do you want me to focus on? What components of MVVM Light? Let me know, and I will adapt the content to include these topics!

I am very much looking forward to this session, and will see you in March at MIX!

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