MIX 2010: Voting for sessions has begun (I got two)

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This year Microsoft decided to have an open call for sessions for the MIX 2010 in Las Vegas. This conference, in case you don’t know it yet, is a great 3 days about modern client technologies, such as ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation and of course Silverlight. This year, MIX is taking place from the 15th to the 17th of March 2010 in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas.

Today, the voting began! I didn’t count them, but there seems to be more than 100 sessions lined up, and the competition is fierce: Only 10 sessions will make the cut and be chosen for MIX. I just reviewed the speakers, and it is a pretty amazing line-up.

On my end, I submitted two sessions (see below). I honestly think that these two sessions will help the attendees become better developers in Silverlight and in WPF. The talks are based on years of experience with these two technologies, on real life projects.

A day in the life of a Silverlight/WPF Integrator

Vote here: http://visitmix.com/opencallvote/Entry?entryId=ADAYIN060


This session proposes an insight in the life of an integrator (sometimes called User Experience Developer or “Devigner”). How do we translate a creative designer’s vision into code, transforming it into interactive applications? What tools do we use, what tricks did we learn? This session will show you how to start from scratch and coordinate designers and developers to create a new rich application in Silverlight or Windows Presentation Foundation. We will see how to architect and structure the application according to the best practices in the field, and what workflows are involved. We will also see how to create and integrate XAML assets into the user interface. You will leave with a much better understanding on how the new integrator role is changing the way that client applications are developed.

You want to create beautiful applications? That’s what I do for a living, come and share the experience!

Having worked as an integrator for quite a few years now, in large distributed teams of developers and designers, I have identified many areas where the process is different from a classic application. The integrator role is a fairly recent role and many firms need guidance to understand how to start developing their Silverlight or WPF applications, and how to move from wireframes to design to development to testing.

We will also review the tools and the tips&tricks that make the life of an integrator easier. This is not just about Expression Blend, but about all the small helpers that facilitate the integration process.

Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel pattern

Vote here: http://visitmix.com/opencallvote/Entry?entryId=UNDERS103


The Model-View-ViewModel pattern (also called MVVM) is a hot topic in today’s Silverlight and WPF world. This pattern facilitates modern development techniques such as separation of concerns (decoupling), unit testing and test driven development, work with modern tools such as Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend and more.

In this session, Laurent (a user and promoter of MVVM since 2006) will introduce this pattern to you with many demos. We will talk about the basic components of a modern Silverlight or WPF application, and of additional helpers that will make your life as a developer much easier.

From the maker of the MVVM Light Toolkit!

This talk is targeted at developers who keep hearing people talk about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, but don’t quite know what it is, what it does, and how to get the best out of that. Again, few slides and a lot of code, as we will walk through the creation of a MVVM application and study the components that help separating the concerns in the application. We will also talk about external frameworks that help you creating new MVVM applications.

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