Talking at #notatpdc about Blend 3 and SketchFlow

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NotAtPDC is an awesome initiative from within the .NET community that allows people who cannot for any reason attend one of the major conferences (such as PDC, MIX etc…) to share knowledge, have fun, interact and generally have all kind of good times without leaving their home or office.

This year, I cannot make it to the Professional Developer Conference because of multiple reasons (too much work, too many travels ;)) but I will talk to the NotAtPDC conference 2009!

My talk is titled Expression Blend 3: From Design to Realization and is scheduled at 11AM CST on 2009/11/19 (see below for the time at your location).

When designers envision beautiful applications, and pass the comps to developers for realization, the result is often not really up to their expectations. Expression Blend stands between the designer and the developer, and facilitates the workflow. It is not “just” a design tool, it is a visual development environment! In this session, we will show you new features in Expression Blend 3, such as the “interactive sketching tool” SketchFlow and more. This session will take a deep look at the new Blend 3 features such as SketchFlow, Photoshop import, Design-time data, etc…

I am really looking forward to giving this talk, which should be a lot of fun. Let’s face it, Blend 3 is awesome and taking a good in-depth look at the great features that are included in V3 should prove valuable to designers AND developers.

Thanks a lot to Steve Andrews, Rachel Appel and all those who take some of their precious free time to organize this event!

Logging in the session

You need LiveMeeting to log in the session. Make sure you download and test LiveMeeting in advance! The direct link to the session for attendees is:$$w0rd

Location Date/Time
Pacific Standard Time Thu, 11/19/2009, 9AM
Mountain Standard Time Thu, 11/19/2009, 10AM
Central Standard Time Thu, 11/19/2009, 11AM
Eastern Standard Time Thu, 11/19/2009, 12PM
London Thu, 19th Nov 2009, 17:00
Paris, Zurich, Milano… Thu, 19th Nov 2009, 18:00

Should your location not appear in this table, my apologies, make sure you check the World Clock Converter to avoid missing the start of the session :)

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