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Today it is exactly one year that I started work at IdentityMine, after 13 years at Siemens (well, Staefa Control System then Landis&Staefa then Siemens through a series of acquisitions, ah the joys of corporate world…). Here is a link to the article where I related my decision to leave Siemens and to join IdentityMine.

One year later, I realize that I worked on 14 different projects (not mentioning those where my participation was limited to a simple phone call to a client or to the team). This is quite different from my time at Siemens, where I worked mostly on one huge project during 2 or 3 years! I have to say I enjoy this a lot, the change is welcomed and the diversity. I have worked on projects in WPF, Silverlight and Surface, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have the chance to program on such advanced technologies.

My focus at IdentityMine has been primarily as an Integrator (I have the chance to work as part of a small group of very talented individuals, Nathan Dunlap (who keeps amazing me with his Ninja skills), Frank Preuss and Jesse Hsia. We are a very small group and correspondingly active in various projects. The integrator role, located right between the designers and the developers, corresponds perfectly to my interests, and I spend a lot of time into Expression Blend, my favorite tool. That said, I keep coding too, and I am very psyched to be already working on some Silverlight 4 projects in Visual Studio 2010!!

What I love most at IdentityMine is how they make me feel that I am really a member of the family even though my location is remote. As the only European employee, it is really something I need, to communicate a lot with the mothership (and also with my colleagues in India, where we have a solid team of great devs and designers too!). Funny to say, but I never felt lonely or treated differently. And of course the occasional trip to Seattle totally helps to build the team spirit.

(Side note: We live an amazing time. I have an IP phone with which I can call Seattle at no cost, MSN to chat while coding, Twitter and Facebook to replace the coffee corner and keep up to date with the gossips… I dare say I know some of my colleagues at IdentityMine better after one year working remote than many of my ex-Siemens colleagues after 13 years of going to the office…)

So what do we have in store for the future? Well, tons and tons of amazing projects, that’s for sure. Also, with the incredible love that is shown to Silverlight 3 (and 4…) in Europe right now, I think the time has come to expand our activities here, and this is definitely something we are talking about. The timeline is unknown, mostly because growing a team is not something that should be done without careful considerations (the well being of the employees counts a lot, so we’re very careful to make sure everything is considered). In the mean time, we continue helping our customers to create beautiful applications, and more than ever, we love our code!

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