My talk at #notatpdc postponed

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Hey guys,

I am really sorry for having to postpone my talk about Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow. We had some huge difficulties with the website, and unfortunately we were not able to locate the site administrator on time to solve the issue. Without a speaker login, I was able to talk to the attendees, but not share my desktop. Now I love to talk about Blend but I love even more to show Blend ;)

Ironically, as a Microsoft MVP I do have a LiveMeeting account, so I would be able to host the talk myself, but organizing a LiveMeeting take a little time, and I didn’t want to rush into that, cut my talk short or step on the next speaker’s feet (let’s hope that the issues get solved in time for him!)

We will definitely reschedule the talk, either within NotAtPDC (if we find a suitable time slot) or a bit later, so definitely stay tuned on this blog and my twitter feed for more info.

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