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I met Philippe Schutz at the TechDays in Geneva early this year, and have been following him on Facebook since then. He does amazing work with logos and icons, and it is only natural that I have thought of him when I decided to get a new logo and icons for the MVVM Light Toolkit.

A brand identity is quite important to me even in private projects. This is why I created the site GalaSoft ( years ago, and started using this “brand” consistently as well as the cat logo (more about that on a post I wrote last year)

With the MVVM Light Toolkit starting to gain quite some popularity in the community, I have received a few suggestions to open a Facebook page for it, and to promote it on some other platforms. To do this, I needed a logo, something to display proudly and conveying the image, the message of MVVM Light.

So I present to you proudly the new MVVM Light Toolkit logos designed by Philippe Schutz:



Yeah I know, they are beautiful.

The design is meant to remind from the Windows 7 aesthetics, and of the Silverlight / .NET logos. I think it is a total success. Of course, the feather suggests the idea of lightness, as opposed to more complex frameworks that are very powerful, but also quite hard to understand and start with.

I will work hard to include this new identity in the MVVM Light Toolkit and all the material related (websites, etc…). I am also preparing a Facebook page for “the fans” ;) So as usual, stay tuned!

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