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Some time ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Geocoding pictures automatically with Nokia E71 and gpicsync” which was explaining how to use the built-in GPS in your mobile phone (in my case a Nokia E71) and a utility program called gpisync to enter geographical tags into your pictures. This is useful because using a program supporting this feature (such as Flickr for example), you can then see all your pictures on a map, and remember where you took the pictures.

In the post, however, I mentioned that using gpisync was a bit painful, as this application was obviously developed by non professional software developers, had a bad user experience, etc…

Almost by chance, I found this other great utility software made by Microsoft and named Microsoft Pro Photo Tools.

This application is focused at allowing you to edit the EXIF tags in the picture. These tags are made to contain various information about the picture, such as name of the photographer, copyright, description, date, model of camera and many others such as the geotags mentioned before. The user experience is much better (though some aspects are a bit annoying still) and provides a really cool interface. If you didn’t record a GPS log of your movements while you were taking the pictures, or if you need to amend a location, a Virtual Earth integration is provided, and allows you to visualize the pictures directly on a map. Just like in the more primitive tool I mentioned before, you can also load GPS logs in various formats and geotag your pictures automatically.

I had never heard of this tool before, and was quite surprised to find it, but I have been using it avidly since then and can really recommend it to everyone.


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