Silverlight 3, Blend 3 and the MVVM Light Toolkit

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The big news today is of course the launch of Silverlight 3. Microsoft organized a big event in San Francisco (I was invited, but could not make it to SF in time, unfortunately :() and there was a big celebration. Together with Silverlight 3 RTM, we were given Expression Blend 3 Release Candidate (including SketchFlow). This is not the final version, but it is as close as it is ever going to be before it is officially released. This version should be feature complete, so there is already a lot to be done with Blend 3 now. For more information about today’s launch, see Scott Guthrie’s blog.

One question that was asked a few times is When is the MVVM Light Toolkit going to be available for Silverlight 3?

Well here is the good news: The MVVM Light Toolkit V1.1.0 is already compatible with Silverlight 3. That’s right, you don’t need any change and can already work with the toolkit in Silverlight 3. Of course you need to install the Silverlight 3 tools for Visual Studio.

For more information about the MVM Light Toolkit, check the Get Started page!!

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