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el20090614025_150x162[1] The time was ripe for a new intro on my website Here it is below, posted for my blog’s readers. I hope that you find it entertaining.

Time sure flies when you’re busy :) Already middle of the year, summer is coming and I have been so busy with amazing projects! Yes, since last time I wrote here, much water has run under the bridges and I am loving my job.

I have taken part to an exciting series of conferences: The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional summit took place in March in Seattle. After that, back in Europe for a quick jump to Belgium where I held two talks at the TechDays conference in Antwerp. This was a fantastic experience by the way. Later, back to the US for the most exciting of all conferences, MIX in Las Vegas! And this time I was a speaker, what a thrill! I often say that MIX06 is the conference that changed my (professional) life completely, and to be accepted to speak at MIX09 was a fantastic and exciting achievement.

After my return in Switzerland, I had two more talks, one in Geneva and one in Bern. This was the same talk, but once in French and once in German. The response has been really good and it was a nice experience (even if it was a bit scary when I was preparing ;))

After this crazy travel time, I had time to work on exciting projects at IdentityMine. Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation are my daily bread and I love it. WPF really rocks, and the more I use it, the more I am in love with that framework. Since I have the chance to work with some of the best designers in the industry, I can really (some would say finally) create the beautiful applications I have always dreamed of, and Love my Software (which is incidentally IdentityMine’s motto). It’s really amazing to be part of that world class team of experts. What a motivation to get better. In the process, I am also learning a huge lot about interaction design, and sometimes it is tough, but it is always a passion.

One more talk took me to Belgium again, this time in Kortrijk for MultiMania 2009. It was an interesting event, with a crowd in majority favoring Adobe products, but I think my talk was well received and we had a lot of interesting discussions.

One project that has been occupying most of my “free programming time” is a toolkit to assist the implementation of Model-View-ViewModel applications in Windows Presentation Foundation and in Silverlight. After quite some time, I released the first version of the toolkit. I am still working on it and should post an installer soon (for the moment the installation is manual). I also have a couple of ideas about things I would like to add to the toolkit. Finally, the grand plan is to post everything on Codeplex and to let the community do its thing. That should be fun.

The coming weeks will be quite packed with work. I will be in Seattle from the 11th of July. I will stay a couple of weeks to work with the team (and meet tons of friends I am sure), and then my family will join me for a week of leisure between Seattle and Vancouver. This should be a lot of fun.

For more information about my whereabouts, planned talks (such as the one I will give at the SD2IG group in Seattle on the 15th of July), make sure to subscribe to my blog. Meeting you all is what is keeping my motivation high and my passion alive.

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