Working on a MVVM "light" toolkit

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As some of you now, I have been spending most of my free time (which is not much these days once I am done with the amazing projects I am working on at IdentityMine, and the time spent with the family) working on a very simple, very light MVVM toolkit.

This toolkit will encompass

  • A DLL with classes that make MVVM applications easier to create and “wire”.
    • A “base” ViewModel class that contains utility methods that ViewModels typically need.
    • A command class that can be used in WPF and Silverlight, to loosely wire your controls to methods in the ViewModel.
    • A messenging system to let ViewModels and other classes communicate in an uncoupled manner.
  • A project template to create a new MVVM application in Visual Studio.
  • Some snippets to easily extend existing MVVM applications (for example with new properties).
  • Some sample applications.

I have already most of it ready, and am working on the sample apps, which is a great way to identify things that are missing from the toolkit. I already learned a lot from working on this, as well as the many discussions around this with my peers in the community.

More blog posts will follow around this topic. Stay tuned!

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