Two days FREE training: WPF LOB

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Get some of that: Microsoft’s Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shifflett are on tour and will come to a number of locations to give a two days training packed with WPF training for building Line of Business (LOB) applications.

“That must cost a lot”, you think? (well maybe you don’t if you read the title of this post) No it is FREE, yes you heard me, no costs, no commitment, no strings attached. You can even choose to follow one day only, or both, as you want.

And believe me, you get two of the best WPF experts you can imagine! Both Jaime and Karl have years of experience in WPF, and especially in building LOB applications. Both spent literally hours (days?) thinking about this, and how to build the best applications in the easiest way.

Don’t wait, first come first serve! Go register now!

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