Switching expertise: From Client App Dev to Silverlight

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At the last MVP summit in March, some of us were informed that a new MVP expertise had been created for Silverlight. They asked a small number of existing MVPs with strong Silverlight competency (including yours truly) if they would agree to switch to that new expertise.

I must admit that I have not always been very happy with the thought of a new expertise dedicated only to Silverlight. In my opinion, it is very important to keep Silverlight close to Windows Presentation Foundation, and to make sure that WPF experts are informed about the latest changes and the future plans of Silverlight. This is why I liked the Client App Dev expertise, gathering under one roof WPF and Silverlight people.

So why did I accept to switch then? Well, precisely for this reason. Since the new expertise is created anyway, I thought that it would be good to be part of that, and to make sure that the product group is sensitive to this aspect, and keeps close to WPF. Also, since my audience is made as much of WPF than Silverlight developers, it will be a good way to spread the news about Silverlight plans and maybe to contribute to bring these 2 platforms even closer.

I am excited about the switch, actually, especially because the Silverlight expertise will be a small group, allowing quite a rich interaction with the product group. I know personally some of the other Silverlight MVPs, and all of them by reputation. This should be a very lively group and I am proud to be part of it.

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