Solving cross domain access problems (via Jon Galloway)

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At my MIX09 and TechDays Belgium talk recently, I mentioned the issues that a Silverlight developer faces when trying to access a cross-domain web site. If the site has a clientaccesspolicy.xml (or crossdomain.xml) policy file in place, the call is allowed. If not, the call is rejected.

The solution, I mentioned, is to put a “gateway” in place to forward the call to the cross domain site. In my talk, I said that you could do that on your own web server, the server the Silverlight application is served from. Well, of course that works, but will add some load to your server (not even mentioning that you have to write the gateway yourself, which is not the nicest task).

Thankfully, others have thought about that, and apparently I had missed that my good friend Jon Galloway has a post back then in December that shows how to leverage Yahoo Pipes to act as a gateway from cross-domain access. Yahoo Pipes has a cross domain access policy file in place, so it will work.

Read Jon’s article here!

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