My #MIX09 session is available in video

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MIX09 is over, people are slowly going back home. I will be flying home tomorrow, quite a long trip since I will reach Zurich only on Sunday morning.

I had the great pleasure to see that the video of my talk was posted online! This is great, because I didn’t have a huge crowd (what do you expect when you “compete” against and Vertigo and their Playboy talk, and the amazing Corrina Black :))

But it’s OK, because the people at my talk were really great. I felt wonderful during the talk, and even the small issue I had with Visual Studio didn’t manage to disturb me much (even though I kind of freaked out when it happened, you can hardly notice it).

The video is available for download. You can also stream it (Silverlight required) by clicking on the image below. Have fun!

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