MIX10K contest: The choice is made

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As I blogged before, I was one of five judges chosen to decide which of the 105 (!) entries in the MIX10K contest were the best… it was a hard, terrible choice, but now the results are public!

As a reminder: The contest is organized by Microsoft at the occasion of the MIX conference that will take place in March in Las Vegas. The goal was to create a Silverlight or WPF application with only 10 kilobytes of code (about 10’000 characters of text, including spaces, carriage return, etc…)

First I want to point how amazing some of the entries were. The contestants were so imaginative that it was really hard to decide which was the best. It is also worth pointing that some entries (which I won’t name) were… well… how can I put that… not very good. Either because I simply didn’t get it (but I suspect that not many people did get it), or because they were really lacking in either feature or design. But hey, if the developer had fun creating it, it’s all good in my book. The huge majority of entries, however, showed real talent.

I decided that the best way to rate the entries was to create a table with 4 columns: Name of the entry, Originality, Design/UX, and Functionality. I rated each entry in each of these criterias on 10 (I did all my schools in a system that used 10 as the maximum grade, and still find it the easiest way for me to grade something). Then I added the totals.

Of course, eventually I got multiple entries with the same total, but this way of doing gave me a good idea of which entries I preferred. The last step was hand picking 1 winner and 4 runner ups. The other judges did the same, and eventually the MIX 10K contest organizers consolidated the results into 1 winner, and 3 runner ups. All clear?

First, let’s see who the winner is:

Winner for the 2009 edition of the MIX10K contest:

  • Turtle # by Ueli Sonderegger (by the way Ueli, are you a Swiss?)

Runner ups:

My personal 5

As for me, my personal 5 best entries were the following. Note that based on my points system, where the maximum was 30 points, these entries all got between 24 and 27 points.

  1. Genetic Algorithms (I was really blown away by the graphic design, especially the 3D graph)
  2. Turtle # (who ended up being the winner, and is really a fantastic piece of software)
  3. Silver Rubix (one of the 3 runner ups, and a pretty cool (pseudo) 3D application.
  4. Verdant (I just loved the concept and the graphic design)
  5. Spin & Win (This one was just so in line with the whole Vegas theme I had to include it. The application looks fantastic, too, and I lost errr spent quite some time playing with it).

Also worth mentioning

The following entries all got a total of 21 points or more in my list. My padlock data vault, Shift + Face, PlanetC10K, Bitster (another runner up), Pi Cheat, Paper Ball (again a runner up), Sokoban (loved to play with it), Bandito, Desert snake, Moustacher, Ink 10K, TODO, Bubble Mania, Amazer, Spike, Pixel Vortex, BlockSquash, Polaris, We are Bugs, Raindrops Orchestra (by special request of my daughter who loved it), Silvertyper, SilverCalendar.

As I said, picking 5 out of this list was really tough, and I am glad I was not the only judge. When seeing what the other judges picked, I think that there was no huge surprise, and we all more or less agreed on what is quality in this contest.

And finally

The entry with the least points in my list was…. no I won’t say it. But with a grand total of 4 points, maybe choosing another career would be wise. Like accounting, or you know, car salesman. :)

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