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In a previous post, I was mentioning that I took part to the MIX09 10K contest. Take a moment to read all about this contest and come back to finish this post :)


Done? Great.

Making this entry was a lot of fun, and I think it is really good and got a real chance to win. This is why I needed a little time thinking before I accepted the offer that was made to me to become a judge on the MIX 10K contest. Of course, when you think about it, it’s an offer you cannot refuse, so I accepted it and am really excited about it. Judging the entries will be tough, because there are some really jewels in there. As of today, there are 75 entries in the contest, and I heard that a few more are coming up soon. It is simply amazing to see the creativity and skills of some participants.

The judges are an impressive lineup:

  • Ryan Stewart works at Adobe and is a RIA evangelist, and a really nice guy too. I met him last year at MIX and look forward to seeing him again soon.
  • Terence Tsang is the maker of the ShineDraw site, in which he compares Flash and Silverlight and gives an unbiased and non partisan view on both technologies.
  • Lutz Roeder works at Microsoft on the Expression Blend team. You know him from using Reflector (and if you don’t use Reflector, you’re not a true .NET developer).
  • Kirupa Chinnathambi also works at Microsoft on the Expression Blend team.

And, well, me. OMG.

There is also a community prize, so if you want to give your opinion on which entry is the best, go to the MIX 10K gallery and vote!!

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