Going to Seattle (MVP summit 2009)

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The March travel madness is about to begin. During this month I will be away a lot. First destination is Seattle where I will attend the MVP summit 2009. Last year was my first summit and I loved this experience. This year should be even more fun, because I met so many software enthusiasts over the past year, and many of them are going too, yay.

I will leave Zurich tomorrow around 14:50 tomorrow and transit via London to Seattle where I should arrive around 7PM. Stay tuned to my Twitter account for updates. I hope it will go smoother than last year, where the idiots at Lufthansa made me miss my connection in Frankfurt and I had to go to Vancouver instead, and then drive down to Seattle. Crossing fingers ;) I fly British Airways this time, I am pretty sure it will go better!

On the last 2 days of my trip, I will be at IdentityMine’s offices in Seattle ad Tacoma and connecting with as many of my colleagues as possible. Working from home and remote is really OK but sometimes you need direct contact, and I am really looking forward to this!

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