One more talk: Geneva TechDays, 1st and 2nd of April 2009

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Just got confirmation that I will also be talking in Geneva, Switzerland, at the TechDays 2009 (1st or 2nd of April 2009).

The talk will be the same as in the TechDays in Bern, but this time it will be given in French. I never really gave a technical talk in French, so it should be interesting (I hope the material will be more interesting than me struggling with technical words in French, though, just kidding).

Yes, French is in fact my mother tongue. I come from Lausanne, located in the French speaking part of Switzerland. But right after Engineer school, I moved in the region of Zurich, which is in the German speaking area, and I never worked with a French speaking team. I am totally able to have a technical talk in French though, so it should work just fine.

  • Developing WPF applications – today and tomorrow

This session will be given in French.

This session reviews best practices used to develop Windows Presentation Foundation today. We will build lookless controls and style them, use modern presentation patterns to facilitate the designer-developer workflow, use controls built in the .NET framework and in the WPF toolkit, and attempt to create beautiful applications using Visual Studio and Expression Blend.

Then, we will talk about the futures of WPF. With .NET 4 around the corner, WPF will also get even more powerful and versatile. Pixel shaders, additions to the XAML language, multi-touch, new controls and other additions will bring us one step closer to the user experience of the future (Think Minority Report!!)

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