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I changed the “welcome message” on my website and thought I would also publish it here :)


Update: In addition to the talks listed below, I will also talk in TechDays Geneva. More details here.

Here are some fresh news from Stäfa! With Xmas and New Year behind us, Chinese New Year around the corner, the year 2009 is well started and looking very good. I have a number of exciting events in front of me.

You might have noticed a new box titled “Sponsors” in the side bar of this page and others on the site. After a long hesitation, I finally decided to place advertisement on GalaSoft. This is not enough to make tons of money (I am not Scott Hanselman or Jeff Atwood ;)), but it will help me to keep the site entertaining and to improve services (like bandwidth or storage). I took great care of choosing an ad service that is both tasteful and totally related to the content of this site. So much so, in fact, that I joined the newly opened Silverlight room at the Lounge, a service that gathers only respected professionals and that takes great care to display ads that are especially targeted at professionals.

First you will see me in Seattle at the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional summit 2009. The summit is an exciting event, the chance for us to meet Microsoft product groups and pass them feedback, and to learn about the future of technology under Non Disclosure Agreement. And of course this is also a chance to meet old friends and to make new one. The comunity is amazing and vibrant, and this year should give me the occasion to meet people I have only met online so far. This will be in the first week of March.

During the same trip, I will be visting my friends and colleagues at IdentityMine in Seattle and Tacoma. By the way guys, we’re planning a get together on Thursday night, the 5th of March 2009, so if you are in the region and want to join, contact Teresa who is organizing everything :)

The week after I come back to Europe, I will fly to Antwerp in Belgium, where I will give two talks in the Microsoft TechDays. This should be really nice. See the abstracts here. When I am there, I will also be an attendee at the local Geek Girl Dinner, thanks to Katrin who invited me to be her “sacoche” (hand bag :)) I think this should be really nice, and I am impatient to meet lots of new people there. I think that there is really a much too low number of women in our industry, which is a shame considering how creative this work is, and how well the few women who are active in the community are performing. We could really use a different, more feminine way to solve problems!

The next trip will be to the USA again, Las Vegas woohoo. MIX09 is coming up, and it will be really exciting! MIX is my favourite conference, and I have been to all of them since it started in 2006. I can honestly say that this first edition truly changed my life: It made me discover WPF, motivated me to start my blog and to switch my attention from the JavaScript community to the .NET client application community. This year’s MIX should be a fantastic edition if I believe what I read so far, so don’t wait longer to book your places there! It’s a smaller conference than PDC or TechEd, and when it’s sold out, it’s over!!

After my return to Switzerland, I still have one exciting event planned: TechDays in Bern, where I will be speaking on the 9th of April. I really like TechDays Switzerland and am always amazed at the number of people who show up, considering that we are a small country after all (and this is the Swiss German part of the event, another one for the French speaking part takes place in Geneva a week earlier.)

I really hope I can meet many of you at these events, and have interesting talks about all these technologies that are our passion. More than ever before, maybe, these are really exciting times to be in the business.

Happy Coding!!
Laurent, Stäfa, the 24th of January 2009

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