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MVP_FullColor_ForScreen I am humbled and honored to be awarded a Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft for 2009. This will be my 3rd year as a MVP. I got my first award in 2007 for ASP.NET, and then due to my increased activities in the fields of Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight, in 2008 and now 2009 in Client Application Development. This expertise gathers specialists of these two disciplines and provides a fantastic way to exchange and discuss amongst professionals.

Without a doubt, one highlight of 2009 is going to be the MVP summit in Seattle. I attended the summit last year for the first time, and was thrilled by meeting not only experts in my field and learning so much from them, but also having the opportunity to give feedback to the product groups, and to discuss the future of these technologies with them. I am hoping to attend again this year.

Another thrilling event is going to be MIX09 in Las Vegas. It will be the fourth time that I attend this User Experience conference in the Venetian hotel. The first time, in 2006, truly changed my life, making me discover WPF and giving me the opportunity to start developing in this technology. Later, in 2007, Silverlight would be presented, before it stole the show in 2008.

This year should show the big return of WPF in front of the scene, with WPF 4 (part of .NET 4.0) and many improvements to what is already a very stable and revolutionary platform for desktop applications. It should be a very interesting year in Europe for all WPF developers, and I think that we will see a great number of firms adopting WPF for their new development.

Of course, we will continue to see improvements to Silverlight too, with Silverlight 3 being announced for the course of 2009. We should see a lot of pretty interesting development and here too, a lot of firms are going to start development in Silverlight.

There are so many new technologies being developed in the moment, both by Microsoft (Mesh, Azure, Oslo, MEF, and more) and by concurrent firms (Adobe, Apple to cite only two) that it’s hard to keep track. 3 years ago, I took the hard decision to stick with User Experience and I have not been as active as I would like in other fields like WCF for example. It’s not an easy choice, because the back end is as important to an application as the front end. But in these days and ages, we are forced to admit that specialization is necessary. Thankfully, it is still possible to keep a superficial knowledge in those fields in which we cannot be experts, and to rely on other developers, for example other MVPs to help us there. For my part, my recent change to IdentityMine, one of the leaders in the field of User Experience in WPF, Silverlight, Windows 7, Surface etc comforts me in my choices and with this in mind, getting the MVP award for Client App Dev is a thrilling and exciting opportunity to dig further.

I take the opportunity to congratulate all my friends in the community who got their MVP awards too, and I really hope to meet you all in March in Seattle. And to all my readers, here is to a fantastic 2009, and happy coding!

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