Weird color effect with Windows 7 and LiveMesh

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I’ve been testing Windows 7 in real life conditions for the past few weeks, and am happy to report that I didn’t need to fall back to Vista at all so far. There are a couple of very small details that bug me a little, but I am not even sure if they’re related to Win7, so I just live with them for the moment.

One weird thing, though, is happening when I install Live Mesh on Win7. The color I chose for the Aero glass theme is reset and then all the window chromes appear in a kind of glassy black look. Note that the change only occurs after I open a new Explorer window when Live Mesh is running.

This is the normal look for my Windows Media Player window:


And now the look after the bug kicked in and the color has been reset to null:


The whole chrome appears black now. It’s not just the window chrome, but also the taskbar which now looks black. I tried looking to a place on Microsoft Connect to report this bug, but couldn’t really find anything. So if anyone has a tip for me, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!!

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