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Today is the end of my very first week at IdentityMine. Let me just say that it was really great. In the same week I worked on a proposal for a client (maybe our very first project in the new European IdentityMine, crossing fingers) and prepared a presentation for next week. I’ll be flying to Vienna, Austria on Wednesday morning and will go back home on Friday evening. I will demo various technologies that IdentityMine is working on, and I am really looking forward to that experience.

Next week is going to be very busy again. I didn’t have time to work on anything much this week, but I have a good idea for a series of blog posts I want to write, studying MVVM pattern in Silverlight (a hot topic these days in the WPF Disciple group). I have also given quite a lot of thoughts to Silverlight/WPF compatibility, especially since the new VisualStateManager in WPF makes it possible to use that cool component with (almost) the same syntax in WPF and SL.

I have also been testing Windows 7 in very real conditions lately. I found a few bugs which make it impossible to switch completely yet. For example,. for some reason I just cannot seem to debug Silverlight applications, or to run Silverlight application from Blend. WPF seems to work fine though. I will report these bug to the corresponding teams at Microsoft, but I didn’t have time yet. Also, Windows Media Player just hangs sometimes and I must kill it in the Task Manager, then restart it and the it works fine. Finally, I seem to have a codec issue, and some video files (the minority) are not working. Most are working though.

On the other hand, many things are working much better than in Vista. Bluetooth is one of these things. It’s amazing how much better it is in Windows 7. I have a bluetooth headset, for instance. As soon as I switch it on, and switch bluetooth on on the laptop, the headset connects instantly and I can listen to music or watch videos. Same thing for my new Nokia E71. Switch bluetooth on and it is recognized by the Nokia PC suite immediately, and then I can start exchanging files etc.

Talking of that, the new Nokia E71 is fantastic. I am getting my cheese moved quite a lot (Symbian is really quite different from Palm OS or Windows Mobile but it’s nice to learn new things anyway. The device is loaded with features, and you can add new applications. Just before, my wife talked with her mom for 45 minutes for 86 euro cents! Did I mention her mom lives in Malaysia and we’re in Switzerland? Well, she just placed the call from my mobile using my Skype Out credit, from an application named Fring. Setting the application up was a breeze and I can use it for MSN, ICQ, Skype (even call computers too for free, which will be great when I am traveling) etc…I will probably write more about that later. The really cool thing is that I can set the device to use WiFi at home and GPRS/3G/3.5G when WiFi is not available, which is a real money saver.

So all in all, it has been a really busy but great week. I am looking forward to the coming weeks and I am sure it will be XMas really fast!

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