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It’s with great pleasure that I am publishing the new and improved GalaSoft website today. After updating my blog’s look and feel to a much better and more modern them, it’s now my website’s turn. is the place on the web where I post articles and resources in relationship with my work. Historically, it has been my main “home” on the web. Nowadays, things changed and my blog is really where people discover me first. Nonetheless, I want the site to be a great complement to the blog. The first phase was the new theme. In a second phase, I want to convert the site to ASP.NET MVC, mostly because I really want to learn this technology based on a real life application and not just demos. It will also give me more freedom to add new features to the site.

I hope you like the new theme, and if you do (or don’t), please leave me a message and let me know about it. As I said earlier, I am eager to learn and always ready to improve my skills.

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