It’s podcast season: Herding code

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Apparently it’s podcast season… When in Los Angeles, Jon Galloway and I managed to sit down an hour and talk about Silverlight, WPF, Blend, my past work at Siemens and my future work at IdentityMine, and of course about my book Silverlight 2 Unleashed. I was kind of sad that Kevin Dente and Scott Koon didn’t manage to join us, but the conference was so packed with events that we found time only on the very last day (Thursday) and the two had to go back home already. Still, it was nice to meet the whole crew (I had met Jon before but it was the first time for me to meet Scott and Kevin – K Scott, the 4th rider, was not at PDC). The podcast is available at the Herding Code website.

Here are some points of trivia about the interview:

  • Jon was using his brand new recorder for the very first time, and this involved quite some fiddling with controls. It’s a really cool device (maybe Jon can comment about that) and I think the sound quality is superb.
  • In the middle of the interview, you hear me say “and by the way we are at Los Angeles”, which seems totally out of context. It’s because we heard police sirens outside on the street, really loud. Somehow, the mike cut that out, or Jon managed to edit it, not sure. Now I sound like an idiot for saying this for apparently no reason.
  • I *know* that the word “data” is singular in English (contrarily to French), and yet you hear me say many times “these data are…”. Sorry about that.

It was really a good time recording this with Jon, and I hope you like it too.

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