#PDC08 talk: Microsoft .NET, CLR Futures

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Joshua Goodman

Joshua recaps the history and structure of .NET. Then talks about the difficulty to keep code compatible. Sometimes, making code faster creates bugs, because the previous slowness was enabling scenarios that speed doesn’t. Of course the CLR gets blamed even though it’s not their fault!

Talks about the improvements made to exposing a native app to managed code.

New tool will replace the need to write PInvoke to Windows. Calling native Windows code has never been easier.

BigIntegers are being added to take care of VERY big numbers. This was a request from both F# and Python. But all languages will benefit of that.

Talks about the Client Profile and the improvements made. Faster install and startup.

Talks about garbage collection improvements. Shows how you can specify the latency for garbage collection. Cool, this feature was actually implemented because of Siemens request :)  Shows how to delegate garbage collection to a worker thread. Far fewer long pauses, and they will last less long.

Shows improvements made to avoid that really bad exceptions patterns (such as catching really nasty Exception) are used. Note that you might still catch these exceptions by specifying attributes or process wide flags (if really, really needed).

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