#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 4)

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Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay.

Presentation of Windows Live Services. Windows Live ID is now an Open ID.

Announcing the Live framework, provided as a way to access the Live Services. Works on PC, phone and web.

Demo: how to enhance a Windows Application with the Live framework.

Shows how to use LiveMesh framework API to synchronize pictures between two machines. “Mesh objects” allow to change metadata on some objects (for example applying an effect on a picture) and then synching to another machine.

Adding a mobile device to the Mesh, take a picture and it is automatically synched to all other machines.

Fantastic customer demo: BBC iPlayer website, including synching content with mobile device over the mesh.

Announces Mesh support for Mobile and Macintosh.

The keynote ends with a demo of new Office.

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