#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 3)

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Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay.

Scott Guthrie about tools and app development

New APIs for multitouch and other Windows 7 API.

Note: Lots of attention put in Win32 development with C++.

Mentions improvements made to .NET 3.5 SP1, such as shaders, performance etc…

.NET 3.5 SP1 built in Windows 7.

This week, a new WPF Ribbon control will be shipped. Scott demos how to integrate it and skin it. Nice demo of photo album application.

Demos how to add items to the Jump List in WPF. Simply add tasks in App.xaml.

Multitouch HP desktop PC costs around 1500 $. Demos pixel shader on top of any element, controlled by finger touch. Note: Of course you can still use the mouse.

Shows tag explorer view in photo app. All APIs showed here can be integrated in any WPF application, multitouch is for free and added to any application automatically.

Announcing new WPF toolkit with final release of DataGrid, DatePicker, Calendar, Ribbon and Visual State Manager. Supported in Expression Blend.

.NET 4 improvements and Visual Studio 10

DeepZoom support, multi touch, VSM, Text. Also allows to load different versions of CLR in same process. Managed and native code interop is improved, calling COM and PInvoke. Extensible component model (MEF Managed Extensibility Framework). Improved tooling with VS10.

Visual Studio 2010 is built with WPF.

Multi monito support. Richer code editing support, richer refactoring support, better code visualization. Write test first, then create class from them. Plug in additional functionalities. VS10 CTP is given to PDC attendees.

Demos code editor built in WPF. Shows how to easily build a XML documentation viewer in VS10. Build, copy to a folder, no need to register, it’s loaded directly within the code editor. Includes a bug number, click on it to automatically retrieve the bug from TFS in just a couple of lines of code. The WPF view is integrated within the editor directly.

Customer demo: Tesco grocery shopping shows new app built with the new features. Nice demo of online shopping.

Scott is back and talks about web dev improvements. Built in JavaScript profiler and debugger built in. WIll ship ASP.NET MVC in 2008. REST support, AJAX/jQuery including intellisense. Intellisense file can be downloaded today frm jQuery.com website.

ASP.NET 4 improvements: Web forms, MVC, AJAX, distributed caching improvements (Velocity service). New CTP of that service available this week.

Web dev with VS10: also improvement in the CSS2 designer. Multiple web.config files for debug, release, staging, etc…

Silverlight 2

Already installed in approx. 1/4 machines. Silverlight 2 will be pushed to these machines. Shows applications built on SL2. Average user spent 27 minutes watching videos on NBC Olympics site, which blew away the previous average by 26.5 minutes.

New addon in IIS adding streaming for free.

Shows AOL new email client. K2 web designer. Netflix instant watch.

Annoucing Silverlight toolkit.

  • Chart
  • TreeView
  • DockPanel
  • WrapPanel
  • ViewBox
  • Expander
  • AutoComplete
  • NumericUpDown
  • etc…

Note: Stay tuned to my blog, I will post a big blog post about these controls later today.

Silverlight designer in VS10. Fully interactive, comparable to WPF designer.

Announces Silverlight inside the browser and outside the browser.

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