#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 2)

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Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay.

Bringing together software + services

Presents Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Services. Using Windows Live Services is optional, so you can use your own services (pop for example) instead.

Talks about the feedback they got after Vista went RTM. Funny moment as he reminds bad reviews from “a few bloggers here and there, oh and some ads too”.

Transition from Vista: Talks about the attention they now put into making sure that the ecosystem is ready to receive Windows 7. For example, devices must be ready. For Vista, most PCs were not ready. Drivers, etc… were not available. This will be improved for Windows 7: most drivers will work with Windows 7, so no new drivers needed.

Standards, compatibility and security have been reviewed too. Most applications should be fine in standard user mode now.

Development with Windows 7: Ribbon UI, Jump lists, Libraries, Multi touch, Ink, Speech, DirectX family.

DirectX extended to all kind of media views. “Modern view of GDI”.

Partner video: Autodesk. Shows how they use Multitouch for 3D design.


Worked hard to reduce reference set, graphics usage of memory, disk I/O, power usage of DVD playback, panel and timers. Increase faster boot, device ready, Responsiveness of start menu and taskbar, scaleability to up to 256 processors.

Shows a netbook with 1GB RAM and 1GHz processor, and running Windows 7 without issues.

Added Bitlocker encryption for all memory sticks natively.

Virtual Hard disks VHDs can be created directly from disk manager, including other OS and ability to boot from that (for example Windows XP). Can be made dynamic size or fixed size.

Managing displays is made much easier. Also incudes much improved magnifier. The guy obviously has a lit of fun making this demo.

Connecting to external projectors is made possible by pressing “Windos key – P”. Also allows extending to 2 monitors. Jump list allows to connect to remote desktop, and it also runs on mutliple monitors! Wow.

Taskbar can use small icons-Shut down button can be customized. Can also customize UAC and what level of messages are displayed.

Everyone at PDC gets a pre-beta version of Windows 7. Not feature complete. The a “E7″ version will be made available to public. Beta will come early next week through MSDN etc… Stay tuned on Microsoft.com/windows to download the beta. A feedback tool is made available. Beta also includes optional telemetry tool that scans usage etc… Then Release candidates will be made available to partners.

Call to action

Develop for 64 bits, as they think that most user will run that. Focus on fundamentals, integrate with the desktop, On the web, code to standards with IE8. Try windows live beta from download.live.com.

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