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I am currently attending a workshop for Siemens in Chicago’s suburb, and also staying for the weekend. In fact it feels pretty weird because for the first time since a year, I don’t feel the pressure of “must write” on my shoulders, and I can actually spend some time thinking of something else than Silverlight 2 Unleashed… Which is why I am now writing a book about Silverlight 2 Unleashed (available on pre-order at Amazon and to be published really soon :)

I finished reviewing the very last chapters day on Friday and sent it to the editor. I still have one last round of review to just clean up some URLs, give a last look at the code and maybe find a typo or two… We’re really close from the final version, and once this is done, the only occasion I will have to correct errors will be through errata on this blog, so stay posted. The book will also have a dedicated website at Sams, but I don’t know the URL yet. I’ll post it as soon as possible.

In the mean time, I posted the final table of content of the book in PDF format. Since the chapters are being laid out now, I don’t have the page numbers yet, neither the page count (but it’s probably going to be very similar to the WPF unleashed by Adam Nathan that many of you have, I am sure).

There has been a slight confusion on Amazon due to the fact that the book went from “Teach Yourself” to “Unleashed”, but at least the cover and the price look right as well as the first part of the title. Our marketing guy (hey Curt!) is working on resolving this small issue.

It’s pretty scary to let the work of a whole year go live, pretty much like what you feel when you have kids and they go to the playground alone for the first time, you know what I mean. I am terrified at the errors that I am sure that some of you will find :) and really if you do, I would love feedback (even negative) and will post corrections here if needed.

I’ll be in Chicago until next Thursday and after that the next big trip will be PDC08. I am always interested in meeting new people so if you go too and want to say hello, drop a note here or (even better) on my Twitter feed at I am really excited about meeting again my client application development friends (I hear that many of the WPF Disciples will be there) and of course meeting new faces.

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