Sams Silverlight 2 Unleashed (was: Teach Yourself Silverlight in 24 Hours)

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My editor at Sams (hey Neil :)) and I decided to convert the book I am almost done writing into an Unleashed. There are multiple reasons for that, the most important being that the book addresses multiple audiences, and has a broad range of coverage, which is typical of the Unleashed series. The content goes enough in depth (according to Neil) to be placed in the Unleashed series.

While the Unleashed series usually targets more advanced users than the Teach Yourself one, this book has lots of content that can be useful for a variety of
audiences with chapters that lead the user from the start of their journey through Silverlight. We put a great deal of attention in explaining complex concepts such as Object Oriented Programming, Data Binding, Templates, Transforms, the Animation system, Media integration, and so on with many practical descriptions, hands-on demos and figures which is typical of the books from Sams.

I was not too sure about that move at first, but after thinking about it I am pretty happy about it. Because Silverlight is such a new technology, Silverlight 2 Unleashed will maybe remind you of the famous WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan, a book that was also published a very short time after WPF was released. And we all know that this book was a great success.

For those of you who already pre-ordered the book at Amazon, you should see the details about the new Unleashed book coming up soon. Sorry about any confusion caused, I am sure the change is for the best and I hope you’ll love the book! I just checked the Amazon page and saw that they already updated the picture, but not the title yet, so don’t get confused.

Oh, and since Amazon spilled the beans, I can now officially tell you that the book is in color. I won’t start again the Petzold vs Nathan debate (sparkled by Jeff Atwood), but let’s just say that I am really happy that the book is color coded. I think it makes understanding the code, especially for beginners, easier when it appears just as you see it in Visual Studio.

Sams Silverlight 2 Unleashed
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