Joining IdentityMine (and leaving Siemens)

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These last months have been amongst the most intensive I have ever been in my life. Since my last blog post, I have been extremely busy finishing writing my Silverlight book and starting the editing work. It is well underway, and we will publish later this year. It is a very exciting time for me to see that book shaping up after almost a year of work on it. Yes I will be happy to see the finished, paper-printed work!!

Another reason why this time of the year has been especially exciting for me is that I decided to take a new challenge in my professional life. From the 1st of December, I will be working for IdentityMine, the well-known Tacoma- and Seattle-based firm (WA, USA) specializing in Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.

IdentityMine is hiring

I am really really excited about this opportunity to work with some of the best software developers and designers in this field, such as Robby Ingebretsen, Dr WPF, Nathan Dunlap and more. In the position of Senior Interactive Developer, I will be involved in various projects worldwide and will also help develop the european operations of IdentityMine. In this activity, I will remain based in Zurich, Switzerland, but I expect to continue travelling from time to time. More on this soon!

After 5 weeks holidays in Malaysia and Hong Kong (I really needed a break), I am now back in the office and the news may become official. These next weeks, I will be working hard on ensuring the transition within my current project, and of course finishing the editing work on my book. This will be exciting for sure. Needless to say, I am also bursting with ideas for new projects when the book will be finished, and I am really impatient to start implementing them. I am also looking forward to resuming blogging on a more frequent basis, and you should expect many more articles about Silverlight and WPF soon!! Stay posted.

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