TweetMyPage V0.2 – Now with “from TweetMyPage” indicator

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As soon as I had my info page online, I asked Twitter to accept TweetMyPage as a Twitter application, and to mark the messages posted with TweetMyPage with “from TweetMyPage”. Note for developers: There is a form to fill on the Twitter API page. It’s really fast, and one day later I got the answer that it was accepted.

From now on, messages posted from TweetMyPage are marked as such:

posted from TweetMyPage

I got a couple of testers so far, and already got a few requests for additional features. I am now evaluating how I can modify the application to integrate these new features, and will update TweetMyPage as soon as I got time (in 2018) (just kidding).

TweetMyPage is in beta for the moment, and if you want to try it, I’ll be happy to send you an invite (just leave a comment down here or send me an email. If all goes well, I will make TweetMyPage public next week or so.

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