My talk at the “Internet Briefing RIA conference” in Zurich

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I just posted today’s talk at the RIA conference in the World Trade Center, Zurich. Unfortunately it was not recorded, but the slides and the demos’ source code is available on my site.

The talk went really good, even though the crowd was rather tough :) Trying to “sell” Windows Presentation Foundation, a desktop Windows-only technology, to an audience of web developers, many of them using Java and open source technologies (and even one Adobe employee) sparkled some very interesting discussions. I can’t say I convinced everyone (and it was most certainly not my intention), but I think everybody had a really good time. I know for sure that I did!

To all those who stayed until the end of my presentation, and even though mine was the last presentation of the day, thank you very much!! To those who couldn’t stay, I hope you’ll have fun checking the slides and the demos, and contact me if anything is unclear!!

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