GalaSoft “TweetMyPage” released for tests

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GalaSoft “TweetMyPage” is a web application allowing you to post to Twitter what you’re currently reading in your web browser, on a simple button click.

After you install the small “scriptlet” button in your web browser’s “bookmarks toolbar” (Firefox) or “Links toolbar” (IE), any time you want to share what you’re reading with the world, you can simply click on the “TweetMyPage” button.

TweetMyPage button

If it’s the first time in this session that you are posting, you will be asked to enter your Twitter user name and password. After that first time, you will not be asked for it anymore, not until you close your web browser.

As a result, a message will be sent in your name to Twitter, for example:

Twitter entry

When you create the “Bookmark button” in the Settings page, you can customize the “Reading” prefix that will be posted, as well as a couple of other settings.

TweetMyPage is in beta for the moment, and if you want to try it, I’ll be happy to send you an invite (just leave a comment down here or send me an email. If all goes well, I will make TweetMyPage public next week or so.

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