#mvp08: On my way to Seattle for the MVP Summit

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It’s my second year as Microsoft MVP but I didn’t attend the global MVP summit last year, so I am really excited to attend this year. I am currently on my way to Seattle (via Frankfurt), and will spend next week there getting loads and loads of information about the newest trends and technologies from Microsoft. Like any conference, the summit is also (and before all) a way to network, meet new friends that I know from their blogs or Twitter or any other e-medium, and meet again with friends from earlier occasions. I am really looking forward to this week.

Today is a bit special for me, as it is my 37th birthday. Looking back to the past years shows me how amazing a life I had so far, and I am really looking forward to the 37 years to come (and the following too :) It’s going to be a loooong birthday for me because of the time difference with Seattle, but I am not really going to enjoy most of it (I am not enjoying sitting in a plane as much as I used to when I was flying them :)

For the coming week, I will post only on my blog (galasoft.ch/posts) and not on my website. Look for updates there and on http://twitter.com/lbugnion. Note however that I cannot post as much as during MIX08, as most of the information we’re getting this week is under non disclosure agreement.

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