I am now a Microsoft Certified Professional

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What a crazy week that is. I am currently in Seattle for the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional summit, which ended yesterday. I took an additional day in Seattle to meet a few friends and Siemens colleagues, and this morning got an email notifying me that I passed the MCTS exam about WPF that I took back then in December.

Because the exam was in beta stage when I took it, Microsoft needed a veeeeeeeery long time to evaluate the replies and check if I met the requirement. Apparently, they also had issues finding volunteers to try the beta exam, so it took even longer than planned. But hey, everything happens when you wait long enough, and as of today I am a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Now I want to point again what I wrote in December: I am not quite sure about the value of the MCTS exams. You are not a good developer just because you learn answers by heart. Testing one’s knowledge with multiple choice questions is really absurd, especially when it comes to programming. Additionally, in Europe, most firms I know of really don’t care if you have a cert or not, and rather look to your credentials, experience and education, as well as things like involvement in the community, etc…

But hey, the exam was free, it was fun learning for it, and I got the title, so what am I complaining about? :)

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