TechDays 08: Talked about WPF and now back home

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The Swiss edition of the TechDays 2008 is over. It was a great success,many people came, and as far as I can say, people had a good time. I didn’t attend any sessions though, because I hung out in the main area instead and met a number of people (some of them I knew from MIX or other occasions), and talked talked talked. Yesterday evening, there was a party, I didn’t stay too late though because I wanted to be well rested for my talk this morning.

My talk titled “Siemens goes WPF, Lessons learned” went great. It was in the first slot of the day, starting at 9. Many people came (I didn’t count, but the room was 90% full, I’d say). People even laughed at my lame jokes (since no designers came to the session, I was free to joke about them, bwahaha :) Seriously, I regretted that no designers attended, but it’s not very surprising. TechDays are rather developer-oriented (something I hope will change in the future, and Microsoft will open up and invite more designers soon).

I had a lot of positive feedback after the session, but if any of you who saw me want to comment more (and I definitely accept negative comments, don’t be shy), feel free to use the feedback or to email me.

Thanks to all who attended, and thanks for the nice words!

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