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MIX08 is over, and I am home with what one could call the “post-MIX” mood. It’s a mix (pun intended, haha) of various feelings

  • Obviously I am extatic to be with my family again, even more so because I was away for almost two weeks, which I usually try to avoid. It’s just so good to be with them again. I wish I could take them with me every time I am abroad.
  • Excitement about all the new things we saw. Thinking all the time of what I’ll be able to improve in my various projects using these new techniques and resources. Lots of planning to do.
  • Planning in my head debriefings with various key people in my office and in my project.
  • And around all this, a regret that it’s over already, and longing for MIX09. The value of this conference is much more than “just” the sessions. It’s the people you meet, People I knew already and whom I don’t get to meet in person much because of the physical distance. And also the people I met this year for the first time. There are people with whom you just “click”, you could call that friendship at first sight (wink at Robbie, Nathan, Chad, Mark, Jonathan, James, Scott, Josh (Holmes), Josh (Waggoner), Rob, Grant, Dr.WPF, Ryan, Dave, Neil and so many others!! It was great to be with you all, guys)
  • And a slight, very slight regret not to be in SXSW (but I would have died inside to be so long away from Alise and Laeticia)
Laeticia and Alise

I am just so grateful for all the nice comments I heard and read about my blog and my site. It’s always kind of awkward and slightly embarrassing to be praised (I guess that’s a remainder of my humble swiss roots) but also so rewarding. It’s a new reserve of energy for the year to come, fueling new ideas and new projects. I really want to thank all the people met either in real, through Twitter, through comments on my blog (or all of the above) for their kindness. The conversations were wonderful. You all gave me great insights and ideas. Now I just need 50 hours per day to work on them all.

A couple of highlights I will not forget:

  • A lunch-conversation with John Gossman, Rob Relyea, Mark Feinholz and Ted Hu. Honestly, I cannot remember what I ate. The talk was so rich and intense that all my attention was on it. Talking about the MVVM pattern, about the way Blend was built made me realize even more how revolutionary Blend is to client application development.
  • The dinner thrown by IdentityMine, including a short but great chat with Miguel.
  • Meeting Neil Rowe and “clicking” so well. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.
  • The lunch with James Clarke on the last day and the great discussion about Encoder and also mobile devices.
  • The impromptu meetings in the open space area.
  • The Twitter experience. Really helpful. I met so many people through this means.

The keynote with Steve Ballmer and Guy Kawasaki was great. I had never seen Steve nor Guy talk before, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I am not a big fan of the “monkey” act, so I was kind of reserved about what I was going to see. It turned out that it was really, really great. I was amazed to see how much “on top of things” Steve is. How interesting and insightful his comments were. And also, beneath the ironic comments, the respect for Apple, Google, Adobe… Guy has it right when he talks of the new Microsoft, a message I always try to pass when I talk about my own collaboration with them. Microsoft is not in killer mode anymore, people (at least not the DevDiv). They are helpful, innovative, interested in what others do with their technology. Of course it’s not perfect yet, but honestly, they have really come a long way, and they do it much better than many other companies (including our own Siemens) does. If only the journalists could get the message, stop the endless and fruitless bashing and give Microsoft’s technologies the deserved attention. Of course it would need some work from their part, to even understand what these technologies are all about instead of simply rehashing the old messages.

MIX08 is done, let’s look forward to MIX09: Wednesday, March 18 – Friday, March 20, 2008 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

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