Ski holidays, woohoo

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We’re leaving today for Serfaus, Austria, where we’re going to spend the next week skiing. It’s the 3rd time we go there, and it’s been great every time. The ski school there is amazing, and the station is really very family-friendly. For me, it’s also interesting because the ski tracks range from very easy to very hard, so you cannot get bored.

On the technical side, I am now loading my HTC phone with 2GB music, and I am taking my bluetooth headset. After bringing Alise (and this year maybe also Laeticia) to the ski school, I usually go ski a couple of hours on my own, and I discovered that it’s nice to listen to music while you do. I am also taking the laptop, because I hope to have some time evenings to do some coding (private projects only) and also of course to watch DVDs or recorded TV shows. I probably won’t have internet access though (except from the occasional email check), so don’t expect any activity on the blog during this week :)

After my return, I have one week in the office, and then a long US trip: One week with our graphics designers in Princeton, and then MIX08 in Vegas. Something tells me that time is going to fly!

Oh, and our new Prius should be there (or almost) when we come back? Can’t wait to drive it!

See you very soon!

The view from Pezid, Serfaus

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