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We’re back home after an amazing week of ski and sun. It was really great. I also worked well on my private project, really happy about the way it went.

I also have a couple of news that I haven’t posted about yet. So here it is:

  • You can now chat with me on MSN directly from my webpage Simply click on the “Chat with me” link in the left hand menu. This opens an inline DIV. Click on “Begin a Conversation”. Type your name. Enter the “spam-fight” code and click Submit. There you go, you’re talking with me.
    Obviously, this only works if I am online when you connect. The icon next to the “Chat with me” link gives you an indication about my current online status. I didn’t implement this solution, merely integrated it in my webpage. The makers are of the MSN team, and for more information you can check here (yeah Casey is super excited, but still, if you ignore that and keep reading, it’s better later ;).
Chat with me
Chat window
  • I’ve been twittering for a couple of weeks now. You can read it at or subscribe to the RSS feed. Thanks to the cool work of Jeff Julian and co, you can also read my Twitter feed directly on my blog page.
  • I got sucked into Facebook, so if you are into that too, drop me a line (simply search for Laurent Bugnion, I am the only one :).
  • My blog can now be accessed from the URL It’s again a nice feature thanks to Jeff’s work. The old URL still works, but it’s nice to have a pointer using the GalaSoft domain!!
  • I changed my blog’s skin. The main reason was that I wanted to get the “Search” feature that some of GWB’s skins come with. But also, I wanted a change. I chose the skin based on a few criterias: Readibility, Navigation must be on the left, Clear separation of blog entries, etc… I started with the ScarletAndGrey skin and tweaked the CSS. I wanted a different color set and less lines. I think it looks pretty good. Let me know what you think.
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