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Just got the good news: I am a MVP for one more year :) My first MVP award last year was for ASP.NET, but due to my new tasks in the field of WPF and Silverlight, I’ve been awarded one for Client Application Development this year. I think it makes sense, since my activities are really focused on the client (not just the UI, but mainly), and this is also what I have been blogging and speaking about last year.

2008 is going to be great. I already have 2 conferences as a speaker planned, one end of January (a Siemens-internal event) and I’ll also speak at Microsoft Switzerland’s Tech Days in Basel in March (right after MIX). If everything goes well, I’ll also be at MIX as an attendee. On the project side, I am going to be coaching more teams this year, and collaborate with our graphic designers on a productive level (last year, we did mostly wireframes and concepts, but most teams are ramping up development now and there will be a lot of code tro write and UI to design).

To celebrate last year’s events, probably the busiest year of my life so far, I made a Silverlight greeting card published on my website. You’re all welcomed to take a look at it! (note: It’s a Silverlight 1.1 alpha application, so you may need to upgrade your Silverlight engine).

Have fun and have a great start of 2008!!!

Happy New Year
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