Back in Switzerland after a WPF design week

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This time it’s for good: I am back in Switzerland and I am not flying again before next year. Which is in 2 weeks. :) The week has been amazing. While the team continued developing UI in Switzerland, I went to coach the graphics designers in Princeton. In a week, we didn’t “only” create XAML assets, but we also discussed the overall design and we are starting to have a very good idea of how the application is going tolook like eventually. It’s so great to be able to reproduce the static screens exactly how they look like, thanks to WPF. It’s so great to let the designers themselves do the changes they want in Blend, change pixels and shades and hues directly in the XAML. For the designers, they will sleep better at night knowing that the design they want is exactly how they want it. For the developer, it’s great because he can concentrate on the code and the features. And for the integrator (me), it’s great because of the incredible atmosphere of creativity. Really, it was electric. We’re not just doing UI, this is a kind of art. Functional art.

Wow. As you can see I am really happy. And tired. Good night :)

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