Silverlight: A jump back in time

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Hilarious experience today: I happened to stumble again on Tim Sneath’s announcement of Silverlight in April this year. I spent a moment reading the comments, and it was really funny! I especially liked the Linux crowd saying (in essence) that there would obviously NEVER be a support for Linux.

Also funny, the statements that Microsoft is bad for trying to compete with Adobe Flash’s omnipresence. You got to love that, especially when the next message says that Microsoft is bad because of their past IE quasi-monopoly. :)

So in short, Microsoft is bad when they bring diversity to the web. And they’re bad when they don’t. Mmmh, that’s convenient.

My position on all this is clear: Microsoft and Adobe and Apple and others have managers whose major interest is to make money. Microsoft and Adobe and Apple and others have amazing developers who blow my mind away with great technologies. Maybe it would be more constructive to stop criticizing this or that company as a whole, and finally acknowledge that there are good and bad people in each and every one of them.

(BTW, as an ex Mac user (and fan), I am kind of pissed to see what Apple’s management became nowadays…)

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