Silverlight 2.0, Visual Studio 2008, new Alpha tools for Silverlight… hot winter!

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The community is buzzing with the news about Silverlight 1.1 being re-versioned to 2.0; I really think it makes sense, given what will be added to the platform until next year.

Like others, I wish that the marketing message regarding Silverlight and the “big sister” WPF gets a little clearer, and that WPF really gets more of the attention it deserves. It’s a great technology, but it still has a few rough edges. Let’s hope that the huge progresses made to the version 2 of Silverlight will contribute to make WPF even better than it is now. Honestly, I never had so much fun developing software, not even back then when I moved from embedded C and C++ to Java (and yet it was really an exciting adventure, with a great community too).

This week, I installed Visual Studio 2008 RTM; I waited until the new release of the Silverlight tools for VS2008 was released, like ScottGu advised (because in this business, when ScottGu advises to do something, you’d better believe him ;) Everything is running great. VS2008 has a great feel, it is smooth and stable, can’t be happier. I am really impatient that we port our current development project to .NET 3.5 (I already have all my private ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight projects on VS2008, but the professional one is big and needs more time).

So anyway… I can really recommend installing this new version. Before you do, make sure you read ScottGu’s post about what needs to be uninstalled (if needed). Also, better plan some time for the 3.9GB download for VS2008, 2GB download for MSDN (and don’t forget the 3MB download for the Silverlight tools) :)

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