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GalaSoft is my webpage, where I post information about all my private projects. It’s not a firm, it’s a project that I use to coordinate my efforts in all the technologies I am interested in.

As such, it was pretty natural to add Silverlight content to it. Silverlight is an area where I will be investing a LOT more time from now on, for reasons I will mention in further posts. After posting a screencast about WPF in Silverlight format, the next step is to add a Silverlight logo on some of my pages. The goal is to get more familiar with Silverlight, to show my visitors what can be done with it, and also to boost Silverlight’s adoption, by encouraging my visitors to install Silverlight on their PC. Microsoft is pushing Silverlight’s adoption a lot lately, and I am glad to participate to this effort, at my own small level.

Silverlight is really cool. You should really install it. And after this week in Redmond, I can safely say that it’s a technology that will stick, and that Microsoft is absolutely going to develop much more in the near future with a lot of effort and attention.

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