Designer – Developer, a new collaboration with WPF (Screencast)

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I posted a 50 minutes screencast on my website, with a demo involving Expression Design, Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008 to demonstrate the workflow between the designer, the developer and the WPF integrator in a WPF project. In this demo, I build the foundation for a PDA application from scratch, using VisualBrushes, ControlTemplates, Animations, Gradients, etc… I also use a 2-DLLs architecture, one of them containing all the resources needed to create a new “skin” for the application, which I also demonstrate.

Designer - Developer, a new collaboration with WPF

Incidentally, the demo was published on the new Silverlight streaming servers that Microsoft offers. You will need Silverlight 1.0 (or above) to see the videos.On the same page, you’ll find a PDF with the slides I use to introduce the roles, before the demo.

I hope that this demo will help people to get started with WPF, and help show some of the advantage of this technology over “classic” UI development.

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