WPF/Silverlight: Installed Blend V2 September CTP

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Update: I stand corrected, the “locks” are still here. See here! Thanks Christian!

My August CTP version of Expression Blend expired just as I was in Italy sitting with developers and doing some integration work, but thankfully when it expired, it gave me an additional 30 days, so I could continue to work. Once back in Switzerland, I downloaded the whole September CTP package and installed everything. It went smoothly, and I can now enjoy Blend 2 September CTP with quite a few cool new features. I especially like the Split view (XAML editor / Designer). The Vertex animation feature is really cool too, you can now move the points of a Path independently from each other to let the whole figure move, for example like this:

One small thing makes me unhappy though: When you edit a grid and want to set the column’s width, you used to have small “locks” on top of the column. By clicking on the lock, you could toggle through the values “Auto”, a fixed width in pixels or a star-size (meaning a percentage of the remaining space). The locks are gone now, and to set the columns’ width, I have to use another editor, which I like less (see below). Does anyone still have the small “locks”, and if yes, how did you get them back after the reinstall?

Grid columns definitions
ColumnDefinitions collection editor

The September CTP delivery consists of:

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