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Following Charles Petzold’s appel on his blog, I sent him an email, and I had the very nice pleasure to get a dedicated copy of his last book “3D programming for Windows“. The title might be a little misleading, so don’t get confused, it’s really a WPF 3D book.

Since I am always eager to learn something new, and very interesting in discovering this new aspect of WPF, I decided to take a very close look at the book, and also try the examples. It’s quite challenging, because I didn’t do vector algebra or matrix calculations in quite some time, but I positively loved it in engineer’s school, so I am really looking forward to studying this again.

The book is very good so far (I just started and read through chapter 1 only), it’s very didactic and Mr Petzold is really a great teacher. As usual in is books, he takes care of explaining even the smallest details, so that you understand 3D even if you probably won’t write the figures yourself in “real life” (3D, and especially XAML 3D is easier when you use tools ;) but I think (and Mr Petzold obviously thinks so too) that you need to understand a technology before you use tools to generate content).

I am looking forward to progress through the book, and 3D is really a fascinating subject!

3D programming for Windows
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