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I’ve been wanting to add a search box to my website for quite some time, and also wanted to play with Google AJAX Search API. Turns out it’s a very easy API to use! I simply wrapped their search control in a PositionedNode and FadedNode, and added a higher-lever object to “hide” Google’s syntax and offer a higher level interface. So from today, you can now use the “Search” menu to search the website and also (in the same dialog) this blog.

Google Search API also offers the possibility to search for YouTube videos and for places (using Google Maps), but I don’t use this, so I left that out of my wrapper.

Next on my list is:

  1. Add the same feature to the GeeksWithBlogs blog
  2. Wrap the client-side control in a server-side ASP.NET control, to make it even easier to use.

Let me know if you have other suggestions!

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